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More than 25 years experience

We sharpen and sell shears  from Salt Lake City to Seattle.

We sharpen mailed in shears from all over the U.S.A.

It makes a big difference when you use the sharpener with

Sharpening is an art form.  Many hours of research, training, and real world experience go into each shear sharpening, giving the end user what they desire most... an effortless cut.  Expect extreme attention to detail that will make your shears literally cut better than new.

     We service/sharpen all brands of shears, including Hikari, Kasho, Jowell, Centrix, Rusk and Kenchii to superior standards that exceed factory specs.

     Not only can shears be mailed in for service, but we also provide on-site sharpening throughout the greater Salt Lake City area,Seattle, Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Burley, Spokane, Tri-Cities.  As you can see, we get around!

Contact us to schedule an appointment.  801-319-4920


Shear Maintenance

Shear maintenance is very critical for a high performing edge. Failure to properly care for shears will cause premature dulling. Following these simple guidelines will extend the life of your edge...Guaranteed!

  •     Clean shears thoroughly after each use by wiping them with a soft clean cloth.
  •     Oil shears weekly by applying a few drops of shear oil or clipper blade oil in the pivot area and around the screw head. Work oil in by opening and closing the blades, wipe away all debris.
  •     PROPERLY TENSIONED SHEARS is NECESSARY!!!! Shears that are too loose WILL dull the edge quickly. When the tension is too loose, the edges tend to ride into one another instead of on one another.  This can and will dull your shears.
  •     Storing shears properly will dramatically increase their lifespan. More edges are damaged due to neglect rather than to over-use. To reduce the chance of damaging the blades, keep scissors in the closed position when they are not being used. It鈥檚 best to store them in a case, pouch, or stand.
  •     Cut hair only!
  •     Avoid using dropped shears that have been severely nicked. Forcing a shear shut when a nick is present will further damage the edge, resulting in more metal being removed during the sharpening process. This will decrease the life span of your shears.


Prices range between           $25.00 to $32.00

Convex shears are                $32.00

Semi convex are                   $28.00

Bevel edge are                      $25.00


If you are mailing them to us just add $5.00

for postage and insurance.

Mail to


1939 S 375 W

Lehi, UT



We can take a card over the phone

or a check enclosed with the shears




Here are a few of our favorites.

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LF (Lefty)

5.5" - $350.00

6.0" - $370.00

6.5" - $380.00

7.0" - $390.00


5.0" - $230.00

5.5" - $230.00

6.0" - $250.00

BO (Cobalt)

5.5" - $300.00

6.0" - $320.00

RX-30T Sakura

30 Teeth - $230.00

RX-40T Sakura

40 Teeth - $230.00

If you have any questions please call or text us at 801-319-4920


5.0" - $325.00

5.5" - $330.00

6.0" - $350.00

6.5" - $375.00

7.0" - $390.00

All sizes-$365.00

Handle: Swivel

Edge: Convex

Material: Level 3

Model: KEQX Matrix Swivel

Straight: 5.5", 6.0", 7.0"

This also comes in a lefty

5.0" - $330.00

5.5" - $350.00

6.0" - $370.00

6.5" - $370.00

7.0" - $390.00

7.5" - $400.00

We at Panda Shears love to sell shears.  We teach classes to Paul Mitchell Schools about how to buy shears, what to look for and what kind of shear would best meet your particular needs.  We love to find the best shear to suit your style of cutting.  With that being said, there are so many different kinds to choose from.  With every Shear sold we make sure that the price you pay matches the quality of shear you buy.  We sell lots of different kinds of shears because there are lots of different kinds of needs and different kinds of hair stylists!


 We have our own brand of shears.  Panda Shears, are a great all around shear made in Taiwan and Japan.  Our shears are Japanese steel with a semi-convex edge.  We have various handles to make your hair cutting experience more enjoyable.


We also love the Sukura Shears based out of California, and the Kenchii Shears based out of Georgia.  The thing we love about these companies is that the price matches the quality.  They both have their shears made in Japan with the highest grades of Steel.  They are both very honest about the type of steel that is used.  They price their shears accordingly.

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